The Devil is Back

Two new releases by Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin were presented on February 1, 2020, at the XXVII edition of Music Day, Rome record fair. The first one, The Devil is Back, includes new songs not related to soundtracks and the reworking of some themes from the past. The second, The Very Best of vol.1, is a collection of classic songs, mainly taken from Dario Argento’s filmography, reinterpreted by the current line-up of the group.

Maestro Simonetti gave interviews and signed copies of the albums. The four members of the band, Claudio Simonetti, Bruno Previtali, Cecilia Nappo, Federico Maragoni attended the meeting, that was moderated by Fabio Babini. Among the audience, actress Mirella D’Angelo, unforgettable interpreter of Dario Argento’s film Tenebrae.