Milton Gendel’s Rome

Musja, the private art museum founded by Ovidio Jacorossi, hosted Quattro sguardi su Roma. Fotografi a confronto, a cycle of photographic exhibits curated by Barbara Drudi and Giulia Tulino, focused on four international authors who depicted the places and the leading figures of the Roman artistic and cultural world between the 1940s and 1980s: Elisabetta Catalano, Milton Gendel, Massimo Piersanti e Pasquale de Antonis.

The second rendezvous of the cycle was dedicated to Milton Gendel, American photographer, art critic and writer, who lived in the capital for almost seventy years. The exhibit was opened on June 5, 2018. The works on display showed clearly his intense frequentation of the Roman artistic circle since the 1950s, and his curious gaze on the occasion of the city’s cultural events – such as the exposition of the Riace Bronzes at the Quirinale in 1981 or the relocation of the restored Efebi on the Fountain of the Turtles in piazza Mattei in 1979.

The inauguration attracted a large and attentive audience of professionals, photography enthusiasts, old and new friends of Gendel, including Ovidio Jacorossi, Lucio Manisco.